Submit a Warrior

With nearly 8.5 million women per year diagnosed worldwide, everyone knows SOMEONE in the fight for their life. Our organization is dedicated to helping women and girls find their warrior spirit while maintaining their identity in the process.​ Submit your patient, friend, or loved one, and let them know they’re a warrior!

Additionally, we work to empower our Warrior’s co-patients. These are people in the lives of our Warriors that are battling alongside them no matter what, through thick or thin.

Help Us Deliver Red Slipper Warrior Packages

Red Slipper Warrior Project strives to empower women and girls fighting cancer, but the need far outweighs the funds required to generate our package. To ensure that our Warriors never pay for a package, we need funding in place to cover costs. Please consider making a donation so that your Warrior and others can continue being equipped with “battle gear” and a warrior’s mindset. We depend on your donations to fund this important element to a Warrior’s journey.