Meet the Team

Tim Tinnin, Founder and CEO

In 2012, Tim lost his newlywed bride, Angie to colon cancer. She was 39 years old.

After her death, Tim decided to create an outdoor concert series in Jefferson City, Missouri called Angiepalooza. There, multiple bands and huge crowds would come together in support of those in the community fighting cancer, celebrate those that had beaten it, and honor those we’d lost.

During Angie’s illness, Tim recognized voids in treatment that seemed to be universal: the emotional needs of women and girls in treatment were simply not being met. As such, he created Red Slipper Warrior Project where a two-fold approach was implemented to help cancer patients transform from “just patients” to “Warriors” and better fighters, while never forgetting, cancer does NOT define them… THEY define them.

Tim is a 32-year veteran of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, with 27 years spent “on the road” and four years spent assigned to the Governor’s Security Division where he provided personal protection for three different governors. Additionally, Tim spent eight years on the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s SWAT team. Many of the mindsets used in Red Slipper Warrior Project are mental techniques used by SWAT members to “go in hot” and “win the day.”

Combined, the Red Slipper Warrior Project has helped women and girls across the country to “find their wins” every day and be better fighters, because better fighters win more often.